Department of Foreign Languagues


Teachers of Foreign Languades Dedartment ​​joined the international project Cooperative development practices in TA

Teachers of the Foreign Languages Department ​​joined the international project Cooperative development practices in TA
as a kind of teacher’s support and resilience for Ukrainian EFL lecturers.


The project is conducted on the basis of A.S.Hornby Educational Trust.


A project aims to provide support for a virtual group of teacher’s association in higher education domain in Ukraine. It helps to build a trusted non-evaluated space for professional development and peer’s support within the TA through practicing cooperative development framework. Sharing the practices of coping the challenges of teaching English in the wartime will enhance trust and collegiality between teachers of one department and provide the local HE domain with possible solutions.

With the recent war of Russia against Ukraine Kharkiv universities switched to on-line teaching whereas the lecturers forced to leave their hometown for the safer location continue to work. Most EFL lecturers in the department of foreign languages of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics teach students on-line, using asynchronous or synchronous mode, depending on their and students’ circumstances. In such conditions peer’s support, mutual cooperation and teacher’s resilience become crucial in order to sustain a capacity to carry on professional duties, cope with the challenges, and find the solutions for them. The project provides a chance for the members of formal teacher association at the department to meet on-line on a monthly basis as an informal community to share their experience, ask for advice, and support each other. Being located geographically in different parts of Europe such meeting enhance feeling of mutual trust and support from colleagues and emotional connection across the physical space. Sharing professional concerns and/or knowledge unites teachers as one team of professionals and educators what helps build a community of practice where each member is appreciated, and any concern can be spoken up and discussed.